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About Us

The Forum Shopping Center is brought to you by Glamazon, a free company merchants guild on Primal Data Center in FFXIV. We are a motley crew of crafters, gatherers and role-players. Glamazon was founded specifically to provide a dedicated space for those interested in having their own business as well as a fun, new role-playing experience for players of any age to visit.If you are interested in joining our merchants guild, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact link to our dedicated discord, or through our Free Company page in the community finder.


Lil Lhye Mheg Cafe

Suite 2A place born of dreams where you and your friends can relax and chat while enjoying some desserts and music.
Everything is made in-house, so it's quality guaranteed.

Health & Wellness

Steamy Ventures

Suite 13Looking to relax after a long day of shopping?
Come melt your cares away at our complementary onsen!

Specialty Stores

Time To Dye

Suite 8Time to Dye is a contemporary dye shop offering a variety of crafted and personally sourced dyes. Now also offering Color Consulting to help maximize your glam potential! Speak with our manager, Tiny Tempesta for more details!

Eben's Toy Kingdom

Suite 11Welcome to Eben's Toy Kingdom where you can find all sorts of plushie goods and leave your Lala's at the playground while you shop the mall!


Peach Pelegrino Photography

Offering a photo studio as well as on-location photo services!

Dragonsong Cinema

Cinema offering a movie showing every Thursday at 9:30 PM EST

Glams & Gear

The Swaggin' Wagon Department Store

The Swaggin' Wagon is a full apparel department store with everything from glamour pieces to armor gearsets across multiple suites by category. See suite locations below!